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GENRE: Horror ORIGINAL AIR DATES: June 10, 1989 - June 28, 1989
// review by Meow

Leaving you wanting for morgue...

Originally a comic series with two other sibling series back in the 1950s (of which I have a few), Tales From The Crypt is a series of horror-themed stories that specializes in dark humor, which is the tastiest kind. It's hosted by a muppet version of the Crypt Keeper (though more ghoul-like than his creepy gravekeeper look of the comic series), who will crack many puns n' jokes based on the events of the day's episode.

Season 1 starts us off with only a meager six episodes, but some classic ones none the less. We're regaled with the tales of an electric chair operator who lost his job for not having the knack for it, a naughty lady who's being assailed by a killer Santa, a guy with the remaining lives of a cat, a woman who sells her beauty (literally), a fatal or perhaps fateful wedding night, and a story of a man who just isn't taking retirement well. Each story has a twist end, but you can usually see what's coming from a mile away. The special effects are rather top-notch, making good use of make-up work and fake blood. The meat of the stories themselves are mostly interesting, though I find the episodes "Lover Come Hack to Me" and "Dig that Cat...He's Real Gone" to be the weakest, with the former being 90% cringe-worthy sex scenes and the latter just being "Yeah, we know what's going to happen, just get it over with".

Ho ho ho, Merry Halloween!

Apparently the show really took off, as it got at least seven season plus a few films, with the second season having three times the episodes, and every subsequent season having at least 13 episodes. If you enjoy some good ol' dark humor and short horror stories, then give it a look. It's not PG, but most horror isn't anyway. Still didn't stop kids from watching back in the day.

P.S. I forgot to mention, this is yet another show with a theme made by Danny Elfman. I guess he was the go-to fellow for dark themes back in the day.

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