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GENRE: Anime ORIGINAL AIR DATES: January 17 - June 27, 2018
// review by FlagrantWeeaboo

The Stinky Life of Saiki Kuso.

When I last watched The Disastrous Life of Saiki K, I wondered if a second season would come to Netflix, and it did. Unfortunately this time, the second season has not received an English dub, which means suffering with Netflix's less than stellar illegible subtitles, though I'll try not to hold that against it. I'd advise against watching on mobile, it's borderline torturous.

To recap: Kusuo Saiki is a high school student who possesses amazing psychic super powers, yet he only wants to live an ordinary life. He is surrounded by ridiculous people with less than ordinary traits, and his life is one high-falutin' disaster after another. His parents are lovely dovey, his brother is constantly trying to defeat him, and his school "friends" are always trying to involve him despite wanting to be left alone. If he spoke to them instead of giving them the silent treatment, maybe they'd get the message.

This second season of Saiki focuses on providing greater lore and context behind the more subtle themes in the first season, such as explaining why Saiki is such a sadist and sick of dealing with people. It also explains why elements of the story appear to repeat over and over, how Saiki and his friends continue to stay in the same school year, and other oddities the first season glazed over but were there.

It's revealed that Saiki has been rewinding the planet and brainwashing the population every year until he's strong enough to stop an impending volcanic eruption that will completely destroy Japan. As he focuses on getting stronger, his classmates, friends and family remain consistently unaware the of the upcoming destruction. Furthermore, they waste Saiki's valuable training time on vapid tasks like building a snowman or buying groceries. No wonder he's developed such acute apathy towards everybody else.

Thinkin' about myself...

This season also introduces a whole load of new characters, including Aiura Mikoto, another psychic who believes Saiki to be her Mr. Right. Can't a guy get a break? Not to mention his sad grandfather developing shotacon fantasies of his two grandsons. The more Saiki rewinds time, the more ridiculous his friends and surroundings get, as though warped by his absurd powers. Near the end of this season, one of Saiki's elementary school acquaintances turns up, and a heavy heaping of history is revealed. It's awesome.

This season provides so much character development and story compared to the first season, likely because all the rules and concepts are already in place. It further solidifies why Saiki is such a horrible person, and yet you still completely empathize with him. And even though he's a complete ass who only chooses to do things that benefit him, he neither uses his powers to directly help himself nor will he turn down a friend's request for help, though he does assist begrudgingly.

I recommend this season for anybody who watched the first season of The Disastrous Life of Saiki K and felt the show needed more context and greater story development. The second opening and second ending songs in this season are so good it's a crime to skip them. Saiki continues to be a funny show, and also a noisy one.

If only Netflix's subtitles weren't a hassle to read on mobile phones, whoever thought white subtitles with nary a drop shadow or outline are a good idea with scenes containing a lot of white space? Netflix needs to fix that. Just airing my greivances. Or fund a dub for this season. That'd be great.

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