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DIRECTOR: Karl Freund RELEASE DATE: December 22, 1932 RATING (US): PG
CAST: Boris Karloff, Zita Johann, David Manners et al.
// review by Meow

Rated PG - Mummy accompaniment required.

The first era of great horror films in Hollywood saw to the establishment of many classic creatures remembered the world over even to this day. Among these, The Mummy stands as a shining example of brilliant works and fantastic actors. Starring the legendary Boris Karloff as Im-Ho-Tep, thrilling action and suspense await any who watch this timeless classic.

The Mummy begins with some archaeologists uncovering and examining some Egyptian treasures they found out in a dig in Egypt, including a mysterious chest and a mummified corpse. The condition of the mummy showed that they were a victim of live mummification, and the inscriptions that were to send the soul of the being to the afterlife were scratched out so as to condemn the poor man in both life and death. After being warned to not mess with the contents of the mysterious chest, the excited youngster of the group decides to pop it open and see what's inside. He discovers a scroll within, and translates it, reading aloud as he goes. This brings the mummy back to life, allowing it to take the scroll and shimmy away. The sight of this undead guy just waltzing off breaks the mind of the youngster because...well, I guess he just didn't read enough fiction in his youth or something, and that's that. Years later, the son of one of the archaeologists is brought back to Egypt on a new dig, summoned by Im-ho-tep, a mysterious man with mystical powers.

A little Revlon goes a long way, you know.

After the discovery of a new mummy, the findings are brought to a British museum for research, and things only get more exciting from here. Over the course of time, we discover what becomes of the mummy from years past and learn of a woman who is the reincarnation of the new mummy that was found. In a fight for this woman's life, the mummy uses sorcery to get his ways, killing people with his magic and waking his love's ancient memories. Little does he know, a stereotypical hero fell in love with her, second.

With many suspenseful scenes and the shocking ending, it's interesting to see where the remakes from 1999 and 2017 come from and how the story differs, as well as the change in special effects which, by the way, are pretty well done in this film. If you desire some classic horror and suspense, then you can't go wrong with the original The Mummy.

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