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CAST: Nikolaj Lie Kaas, Thure Lindhardt, Nicolaj Kopernikus et al.
// review by Meow

An asp bug of a film.

A guilty pleasure of mine is terrible films. Mostly sci-fi and horror falls into this category, but occasionally something special such as "Freddy Frogface" will cross my path and, if I'm bored enough, I will watch it in slight confusion and horror.

Freddy Frogface is the English version of the Danish film "Orla Frøsnapper", which is based on a children's book by the same name. The plot is basically about some trouble-making kid by the name of Victor and his pointless adventures around his town while being hounded by the neighborhood bully and titular character Freddy. There's also a circus that's come to town with an open invitation for people to show off their acts, which serves as our protagonist's main motivation for things. Shortly into the film, Victor finds a frog and tries to bring it to the town's river, but Freddy stops him along the way, threatening to eat his frog if Victor doesn't let Freddy whollop him. Of course, Freddy accidentally drops the frog in his mouth, which catches the attention of the townsfolk, and Victor uses the opportunity to publicly humiliate Freddy, calling him Freddy Frogface. This is about as far as the Frogface thing goes.

Which brings me to an issue this film seems to have: it drops everything almost immediately all the time. There are times where it shows Freddy as a pitiable lonely character but forgets it for the sake of continuing on. It never really gets brought up again. Characters say things, and they ignore it and move on. There's even a point where Victor asks his best friend if he has a plan to get them to the circus without Freddy catching them, to which he responds "No, it's not my job to save your behind." He then immediately pulls out a trenchcoat for them to sneak into the circus with. It just keeps moving without any real consequence to much of anything. Even when the movie makes a point of showing a guy at the circus watching Freddy kidnap Victor's dog, he doesn't bother saying anything to Victor about it.

As for the quality of the film itself, the voice acting sounds like it was recorded in a vacant barn or something; there's so much reverb going on. And the modeling of everything... it's hard to tell if they're intentionally as bad as they are, but they're not expressly awful. Everyone looks like they have pasta for hair. There's also this weird thing where there's pseudo-swearing, which is understandable for kids shows, but there's also straight-up swearing and even moments where they use both pseudo- AND real swearing back to back.

To wrap things up, the movie isn't the best at all. The only real "lesson" in the film is that Victor finally thinks before he acts in the very end of the film, and in the end Victor is seen with fear from the other children like he's now a notorious bully himself. So what's really gained? That all said, there are a couple of things I found minorly amusing, but I'm honestly easily amused. And can I just end with this: what the heck is the song in the end credits going on about?!

Dreamworks, meet Dreamhurks.

Bonus content: The Wikipedia page, as of today (August 6, 2017), has a rather bizarre very incorrect plot about the film. I recommend everyone read it for a good laugh.

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