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We're starting to hit our stride with our new half-hour, single topic format! Who knows what our next theme will be? Well, we do, and now you can, too. This episode's theme is "Violent Video Games"! We'll delve into the matter of whether violent video games cause trouble for society or not, as well as other subjects in that field. Plus, we say some really weird stuff in the process. Check out our many ramblings, and be sure to leave your comments below!

Highlights of this episode:

  • Hulk Stroganoff makes his first (and potentially final) appearance!
  • Everyone trusts a name like "Old Dirty Bastard".
  • Illustrated trees make us want to kill!
  • We even consult a genuine, 100% real scientist!

And much more!!

Right-click to download:
Random.access Podcast - Episode 8 (January 24, 2013).mp3 (29:53)

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